10 november 2009


I'd like to take a minute to tell you about my favorite guys I've been working with for the past 6 years.
Jeppe Federspiel and Rasmus Stabell:
-owner of my record label, :Labelmade: and producers from the producer team,
Providers Music

(more to come on the site's)

And, Thomas Børresen:
-owner of my record label, :Labelmade: and Manager. Owner and co. founder of Soulcamp.

Ok, these guys are my family, soul and I will never leave them. Mark my words.

I am lucky to work with such talented individuals in each their own way, and the combo of us is our sound and spirit.
Providers music has their own tune and must be the funniest guys I've ever mett.. I have pictures to prove it hahah, but you know how it is;) I'll keep them with respect.!
Jeppe is exceptional with melody's and real pop to the heart and Rasmus is doin the electronic vibe to the fullest, pop also. But together they reach all areas, rock, pop, indie, acustic, electro,you name it,,, it's like they have no clue, but they get it every time, in their own little funny ways!!

Thomas (my manager) just knows what this world is made of.... -I dont, Im waaay too excentric! Thats why I wont trade his knowledge and person for nothing. He's got it all under controle, AT ALL TIMES. I still wonder how. Cuz when I think of how buzy I am and times it by 3, then you've got him! He is quite something and worth having in my life.

-I'd like to call them The Pressent,
These 3 guys is the shit:)