21 maj 2010

13 maj 2010



Last week I went to Danish Reumert Awards which is the Danish Oscars in theater.
As usual the show is held * the Danish Royal theater which is one of the most beautiful buildings in Denmark for sure.
I went to see it because my boyfriend was preforming at the event and I love the theater, so it was good to see what I've missed out on. Maybe this year I can get myself together and see a lot more than the past years in my life.
The Royal family was there, so every time the Royal fam stod up we had to stand and wait til they sat down before we were allowed to sit, it was quite an experience to be there;)

This week I also got to see OTHELLO as a dance theater. It was stunning and I still think about it now and then.. It really took my breath away during the show a few times. It was a mix of ballet and street dance..Just stunning.


Last night I attended the DANSK Fashion award show. I was presenting this years best stylist;)
And one of my favorite stylists won: Sassie Baré

I was wearing a show piece from Designers Remix and it was a heavy son of a bi..h , 12 kilo heavy pearl dress, uhh i feel so much stronger and fit today haha...
It was a great event and I got to sit next to Helena Christensen, almost next to the crown prinsess Mary and next to the Baroness Caroline Flemming and her football boyfriend;)... All the fancy furs and dresses were all collected in that room last night. It was a beautiful sight.

It was an honor to be part of the show and Im already looking forward to next years event.

01 maj 2010



I finally got my vintage Chanel boots by mail the other day...Uhhh Ive been waiting for the day someone put a pair on sale on ebay! Trust me, Ive been searchin for months for this exact boot;) And now i GOT IT, wuhuuuw..... I have a thing for vintage things.;)

The necklace is a piece i borrowed from a friend who bought it in UK on a marked. Its 2 different necklaces that looks stunning on top of each other.

I love my goooood friend Ditte ( www.dittehapel.blogspot.com ) who's with me on tour these 2 days.. It is so good to have someone I love with me for a few days, she knows me in and out, and she makes me relax. Good vibes.

My new bag wich is the first bag Ive ever bought for practical reasons! Its great, I can have everything in it;)


Last night MY FAIR LADY premiered @ The Danish Royal Theater in Copenhagen. I went to see the pre premiere a few days ago cus my lovely boyfriend is a dancer in the show.
I can strongly recommend it. Its a great reconstruction of an old story wich young people would enjoy as well as elder.

I enjoyed myself;)


(daytime fav shoes these days)(This summers festivals 42 of them)(found this lovely belt in cph)(Goin to Cologne)

This week I've been around.. Did a couple of interviews, went to Cologne to say hello to my record lable  EMI, and to shoot a couple of campaign's for tv and such. Back to Copenhagen to do 3 gigs and yet a few more interviews.

This week "you and I" got released in Germany, and things are looking bright. I got a huge promotion deal over there so the streaming is massive these days. Im so exited about coming to Germany and Im so looking forward to The Dome (Germany) in May. Its a very big set up and we're all in my fam ready to take over, if they'll let us;)

See u out there.