01 maj 2010


I finally got my vintage Chanel boots by mail the other day...Uhhh Ive been waiting for the day someone put a pair on sale on ebay! Trust me, Ive been searchin for months for this exact boot;) And now i GOT IT, wuhuuuw..... I have a thing for vintage things.;)

The necklace is a piece i borrowed from a friend who bought it in UK on a marked. Its 2 different necklaces that looks stunning on top of each other.

I love my goooood friend Ditte ( www.dittehapel.blogspot.com ) who's with me on tour these 2 days.. It is so good to have someone I love with me for a few days, she knows me in and out, and she makes me relax. Good vibes.

My new bag wich is the first bag Ive ever bought for practical reasons! Its great, I can have everything in it;)