13 maj 2010


Last week I went to Danish Reumert Awards which is the Danish Oscars in theater.
As usual the show is held * the Danish Royal theater which is one of the most beautiful buildings in Denmark for sure.
I went to see it because my boyfriend was preforming at the event and I love the theater, so it was good to see what I've missed out on. Maybe this year I can get myself together and see a lot more than the past years in my life.
The Royal family was there, so every time the Royal fam stod up we had to stand and wait til they sat down before we were allowed to sit, it was quite an experience to be there;)

This week I also got to see OTHELLO as a dance theater. It was stunning and I still think about it now and then.. It really took my breath away during the show a few times. It was a mix of ballet and street dance..Just stunning.