18 december 2009


So, yesterday I went to shoot the trailer for an upcomming award show for P3 Guld in Denmark.
They wanted to make a fun version of the movie "Paranormal Activity", so in the section where the ghost comes under the sheets...thats me;)

I am the last person on earth to whatch horror movies, I almost die everytime cus Im too scared. I swear -its the truth... I fucking suck at horror movies!!!!
So I was scared just beeing at the shoot, hah.

Last time I happend to swop though the channels the movie "The Grudge" was on, and I saw like 30 seconds of it.... I couldnt sleep for 4 days!
So, as smart as I am I by accident saw the trailer for "Paranormal Activity" a few days later, and I simply died yet again and couldn't sleep for another 3 days cuz I was so scared again again, hahaha... Its a joke right?
Uhhh...Im scared already again.!

Well we shot the scene and I can't wait to see the trailer, I think its gonna be so much fun. Alpha Beat, Kashmir and many other artists are attending the trailer as well.

BTW, Ill be attending the award show with the dj Morten Breum, and its gonna be a banging show for yall, with sexy lights and hot dancers.