07 januar 2010



This is my personal hairguru, Mark Andersson. He is the SHIT, really, he's is wanted by many enthuciasts all over the world, and Im the luckiest girl alive to have him do my hair.
I went to his salon PROJECT NO.1 today to get my hair straight and cut for a tv show.-once again he did it to perfection. Thank you Mark:)

New years eve I managed to cut my own hair and "cheated" on him as he said. Now he made it look as it's supposed to and my hair is happy again....

Note to self: DONT CUT YOUR OWN HAIR!!!! haha

I also managed to come home that same night with a burn mark in my leg with the letter K, to find out my girl Karoline woke up with an M burned into her leg as well, hahaha.... What happened????

Well, I love my best friend Karoline, so I have no regrets. Though the burn mark hurts a bit!!