30 september 2009


From today I'll only write in english on my blog, since more and more international fans log's on to my blog, so to make it simple, this is how its gonna be;)

As most of the world knows, Copenhagen is hosting the olympic election this year (or whatever its called;)
Im not much of a sports fan, and i have no clue how all this sports got this deep into politics! Its sports...and supposed to be fun, filled with happy times and standing together -right?
There might be a few things im just not aware of in this case, so I'll let it rest.

MY PIONT WAS.. at this top meeting with Obama, Oprah and the rest of all these important people I have the honor of preforming.
Also the rest of the worls is whatching so actually theres gonna be about 1billion viewers -no lie! Thats quite a few..
So I thought it could be fun to give the world a little something to talk about;)
If they broadcast my show in your country.........hold your glasses, cuz im gonna give it to you.

(devils laugh)Hahahahaha.... (with a glimse in my eye) I cant wait.

See you soon